Invitation for Bid: Type 3 Helicopters

The Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS), Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) wishes to contract with vendor(s) to provide up to 2 type 3 helicopter and accessory services for wildland fire management for the State of Colorado.

The CDPS/DFPC is issuing a Two-Step Invitation for Bid for up to two (2) Type 3 Helicopter Services for one (1) year, beginning on the date the contract is fully executed, with two (2) one-year optional renewal terms.

Submission Deadline: June 13, 2014, 11:00 AM MT (by mail or in person only)

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Vendor Inquiries and State’s Responses for Invitation for Bid# FPCIFB1406 Helicopter-Type 3

Question 1:

“Are the two option years optioned solely at the states direction or can the vendor choose not to option those years?”

Answer 1:

Contract renewal for each option year will be at the State’s discretion.

Question 2:

“Another question: Under section B, the specific terms and conditions, paragraph 18, the solicitation states that “the Contractor may furnish a relief crew”.

Is a relief crew required and what is the States expectation for a relief schedule if required?”

Answer 2:

Yes. See Modified IFB published 6/4/14 for clarification of relief crew requirements.

Question 3:

“Because of administrative delays with the Federal Aviation Administration my Colorado based small business will be unable to meet your required vendor qualifications. I would like to know if it is allowable to the Department if I have a sub-contractor perform the aircraft services to the exact standards outlined in the proposal until such time as the FAA issues the required certifications to my Colorado based small business?”

Answer 3: No

Question 4:

” I was curious if a “base” had been settled on for the contract/contracts for the Type III.

I see that Fort Collins is listed as the “initial base” I was just curious if there were any ideas as to where they were thinking of basing the aircraft for their permanent bases.”

Answer 4: As you noted, the Contract will start at FNL. A home base will be established at the time of contract negotiation, and communicated to the Contractor so that they may estimate base travel costs as mentioned in item 2.B.18 of the modified IFB published 6/4/14. Please see modified IFB.


Question 5:

“Also if we are interested in specifying the state per diem/overnight rate for our bid is there a proper way to note it in the bid? Or do we perhaps just put “state rate”? in the appropriate space?”

Answer 5: N/A. See Modified IFB and modified Step Two Type 3 Bid Pricing Form published 6/4/14.

Question 6:

“Section B of qualifications requests Interagency cards be included as part of the Qualifications, however under 2.0 A Scope and Intent 4), equipment and personnel must meet the standards by the start of the contract and the duration.

Please confirm that Interagency cards must be provided by the start of the contract, but are not required documentation in order to meet the qualifications for bid.”

Answer 6:

In accordance with 2.A.4 and 5 of the IFB, NWCG Interagency cards are required for contract award, but are not required to meet bid qualifications. Current NWCG cards shall be submitted as part of the bid package.